Credit Card Debt

Is credit card debt your issue? Are you being harassed or sued by creditors?

Let us help you eliminate credit card debt, or reduce it by 90%. Don’t let these companies ruin your life. Contact us and we can help stop the harassment. Credit card collectors do not tell you what the law entitles you to, let us explain. Whitegold Financial can find you a sensible way to regain control of your financial situation.

The combination of our company’s knowledgeable experience and strategic legal remedies can settle your debts to significantly lower amounts without having to go bankrupt. We offer creative solutions which can allow you to protect your wealth and that will accumulate and protect your assets. As well, we can restructure your assets to protect and minimize the taxes you pay. We can give you counsel and coaching to help you continue your life, or your business, without your current debts.

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