Tax Debt

Are you drowning in tax debt? Although they can seem friendly, the Canada Revenue Agency has a lot of power when it comes to tax debt. Besides charging penalties and interest on all overdue taxes, they can :
- Take money straight from your bank account
- Register liens on houses without going to court
- File criminal charges for tax evasion

Whitegold Financial can review all your tax activity with you to first ensure that the CRA is justified and proceed to find the solution that is best for you. Have your situation assessed before talking directly with CRA. The law entitles you to a representative. Talk to someone who understands where a CRA review may lead. This can protect you from a lot of damage and deterioration of your wealth.

We can:
- Prepare your taxes properly
- Deal with the Canada Revenue Agency under strict client confidentiality
- Make sure you are not charged civilly or criminally for tax evasion with our lawyer counsel

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